With the “Energy Monitoring” and “Process Monitoring” software developed by Teknomer, it supports your sustainability strategies with the real-time data it produces


Sustainability is defined as"meeting the needs of today's generation without compromising the needs of future generations." Nowadays, sustainability, environmental balance and economic growth the field of both environmental quality and the efficient use of Natural Resources and the needs of the present without compromising future generations to meet their own needs as a model and attracts attention.


Sustainability work is not meant to do charitable work for the benefit of the community. By building high-yielding relationships for brands, it creates audiences that believe in the brand. If you build the right relationships, it strengthens the ground of your business, strengthens your relationship with consumers and helps your brand make a difference despite the problems your competitors are experiencing in the market.

Success in organizations is now linked not only to generating financial value, but also to generating environmental and social value.

Every day that you don't put sustainability on your strategic agenda, we must remember that we are one step further away from your future success



Since the institutions that make progress towards sustainability studies have the idea of continuous improvement;

  • * Sustainability Studies solidify your organization's reputation.
  • * Helps you save money in energy resources management.
  • * Makes your colleagues more motivated and productive.
  • * Increase the loyalty of colleagues to your organization
  • * The importance given to innovation increases.
  • * Provides a competitive advantage against your opponents


Sustainability in Businesses

For the business community, sustainability means understanding the risks and opportunities that today's trends bring to companies in this new order and reorganizing their operations, products and services accordingly. Other companies that do not follow these developments seem unable to continue to exist. Sustainability practices and ways of doing business that have a profound impact on companies differ by companies and sectors. A clear understanding of the current situation and an accurate diagnosis of risks and opportunities is of paramount importance to our company.


We integrate sustainability into our business models and manage these risks in a pro-active and effective way, thus adapting to changing conditions more easily and quickly. Business plans for companies today, the social and environmental impact is one risk factor cannot be denied, if we are not doing these considering risk management and increase the effectiveness of our company will enable you to get ahead of other companies.


Based on the fact that today is sustainable, we have entered a new world order in which our company's interests do not conflict with social interests, but become the responsibility of our company for social and environmental issues as well as economic and profit-oriented perspectives.


Sustainability and Technology

It is unacceptable that the technology remains stable. Because these place counts will not respond to the confusion of human life and will not meet their demands. As technology is constantly renewed, it becomes meaningful, and as its integrity and different features are discovered, a new feature becomes desirable and demanded. This is where technology must meet the sustainability parameter and meet its requirements. Our company tries to integrate sustainability into daily life by following all these innovations.

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