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The fourth industrial revolution, which is still in its infancy, prepares the ground for all actors involved in industrial production to communicate with each other, access all data simultaneously and create high added value


Production Management System

The world turns into a single global market, and manufacturers must simultaneously cut costs and raise customer service levels as competition grows rapidly.


With its Production Management System (PMS) solutions, Teknomer transforms the big data mess from the production field into a meaningful Symphony by managing it like an orchestra conductor. It builds a vital bridge between the production site and the management offices


Process Tracking

It is of paramount importance to make an operation of the best quality all at once to increase profitability in businesses and reduce costs.With process follow-up application, all records in production are kept on the system and presented to you at the time of need.

Product traceability is possible for instant and past records. Advanced reporting options with a very effective decision support software.


Energy Monitoring

In order to leave a more livable world for future generations after us, many companies are implementing Corporate Social Responsibility projects. The measurable results of these projects can only be achieved through energy monitoring programs.

With energy monitoring programs, Energy is becoming a measured and manageable expense. With the start of measurement and follow-up, energy savings of up to 20% can be achieved at the end of the first year.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is a system that investigates the study and construction of algorithms that can learn as a structural function and predict through data.

Numerical Learning

Such algorithms work by constructing a model to perform data-based predictions and decisions from sample inputs, rather than following static program instructions to the letter.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AUsing smartphone, tablet or app-specific equipment, the animation of virtual objects on target objects is called Augmented Reality (AR). Enrichment is real-time realities and interacts with surrounding elements.

AR appeals to human emotions and activates their feelings. In addition to the hardware required for the use of the technology, an AR application written specifically for each project must be installed on the devices.

Main application areas of AR;
  • Games
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Shopping
  • Museums.

Image Analysis

Computer vision's goal is to mimic human vision using digital images through three successive major processing components:

Image Acquisition
It is the stage where photons emanating from the object are captured and become Images.

Image Processing
It is the stage of preparing the ground for the removal of the desired features by processing the image of the object.

Image Conception
It is now the end of the analysis and the conclusion of making useful decisions that is the goal of computerized vision.

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